Blood Clot in Leg; Signs, Causes, & Therapy

When a clot forms in one or more of the deep veins in the leg, it’s is called a deep vein thrombosis, or DVT. A blood clot in the leg assuredly is an foremost properly being chance, in particular if it breaks off and travels to the lungs.

Blood Clot in Leg

Signs of a Blood Clot in the Leg

Signs of a blood clot in the leg can vary from individual to individual and can vary from gentle to severe. Some general signs and symptoms to be responsive to can encompass:

•distress, tenderness, redness, or swelling in the affected space.
•warmth in the distance when touched.
•skin that turns white or blue.
•discoloration or veins that are clearly visible beneath the skin.
•leg cramps.
•shortness of breath.
•lightheadedness or dizziness.

In case you expertise any of these symptoms, or not it’s going to be vital to survey scientific consideration as soon as doable.


A blood clot in the leg can draw when the circulation of blood in the leg slows or stops. This would possibly occasionally happen as a consequence of a spread of components, at the side of speak of no job, being bedridden for an prolonged timeframe, sure scientific prerequisites, smoking, obesity, a household historic past of blood clots, sure medications, advanced age, and more.


Therapy for blood clots in the leg will rely upon a vary of components, such because the dimension of the clot, a individual’s age and overall properly being, and more. Your doctor would possibly possibly per chance honest counsel assorted medications, comparable to blood thinners, to abet treat the blood clots and decrease the danger of them traveling to other parts of the physique.

Compression stockings would possibly possibly per chance very properly be required to abet reinforce circulation in the affected leg and helps prevent extra clots from forming. Other remedies would possibly possibly per chance honest encompass leg elevation, heat compresses, and draw of life adjustments, comparable to getting more bodily exercise.

It can per chance be wanted to survey scientific consideration accurate away while you believe you studied you would possibly honest discover developed a blood clot for your leg. Your doctor will doubtless be in a local to successfully diagnose and counsel the unswerving treatment for you.